Shaping the future of the Defence and Space Industries

The Cambrian epoch was a remarkable event in Earth’s history, 541 million years ago. Considered a breakthrough in the evolution of life, it marked the beginning of a sudden, rapid increase in biodiversity and the establishment of advanced ecosystems.

Our vision is for Cambrian Executive to be a catalyst for innovation and transformation. We aim to be a driving force behind the rapid evolution and growth of the defence and space sectors in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

By providing business development, advisory, and human performance optimisation, we contribute to the progress of the defence and space sectors, fostering a diverse and thriving ecosystem of businesses and capabilities.

Our goal is to help our clients navigate the complex landscape of these industries, enabling them to achieve exceptional performance and growth.

Everything you need to develop your business in Defence & Space.


We empower growth in the defence and space sectors through tailored strategic campaigns and complex capture solutions. Our industry experts help businesses navigate competitive landscapes, master complex customer procurement systems, and respond to emerging opportunities.

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Our advisory services offer insights and guidance based on decades of experience in the defence and space industry. Experienced consultants provide tailored advice on market entry, compliance, and risk, ensuring a trusted partnership for long-term success in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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We enhance team and individual performance in defence and space operations, using bespoke consulting and innovative third-party solutions. Our comprehensive approach encompasses physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects, empowering teams to thrive in demanding settings and realize their potential.

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